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Hubbell's business is strategically aligned with clean energy megatrends, including grid modernization and electrification. Our Products with Impact address and support sustainability, resiliency, and the integration of clean energy technologies into the grid.

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Our Products with Impact support the transition to an energy efficient and low-carbon economy through four impact categories: grid modernization and hardening, resource efficiency, renewable energy, and electrification.
Of our $4.9 billion sales in 2022,


were associated with our Products with Impact,
which represents >$3.1 billion.1

  1. This calculation includes all sales from electrical utility transmission and distribution components and utility communications and controls, as well as products sold directly into solar and wind applications. It also includes products that support grid modernization and communications applications such as 5G/fiber/broadband access and data centers. This calculation excludes sales from products sold into oil and gas markets, which enhance the safety of those applications. It also excludes sales from our broader portfolio of electrical products sold into various industrial, non-residential, and residential applications.

Hubbell's Products with Impact support the transition to an energy efficient and low-carbon economy through four impact categories:

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Infrastructure Modernization and Hardening

Hubbell's solutions enable a more reliable, resilient, and efficient grid by upgrading critical components while equipping utilities with data-driven insights through enhanced communications and controls.

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Resource Efficiency

Hubbell's solutions help our customers operate electrical and utility infrastructure more efficiently. For example, our smart meters and advanced metering infrastructure allow our customers to track and manage the use of energy, water, and other natural resources in real time.

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Renewable Energy

Hubbell’s components enable the generation of renewable energy, as well as the safe, reliable, and efficient transmission of energy from renewable and distributed energy sources to end consumers.

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Hubbell's electrical solutions are essential to connect, protect, wire, and manage electricity across a wide range of industries. They also enable more electrical applications to be integrated into the grid.

Across energy infrastructure, Hubbell's solutions:

Replace and strengthen aging infrastructure, making it more durable, reliable, and resilient.

Modernize the grid so it can manage increased energy loads brought on by electrification and the integration of renewables.

Harden the grid to mitigate against and adapt to the intensifying impacts of a changing climate, including responding to and withstanding the increased frequency and severity of storms.

Automate the grid, allowing it to predict, prevent, and respond to changes in the energy system as well as safety hazards, such as wildfires or lightning strikes.

Enable a cleaner grid, through products and components for renewable energy infrastructure and solutions that support electrification and resource efficiency.

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