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At Hubbell, we view social responsibility as a business imperative. Our electrical and utility solutions connect society, and we strive to support the people our business interacts with—from our employees to our communities and supply chain.

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Community Impact

We aspire to nurture thoughtful relationships with the local communities that support us and pursue corporate citizenship through community engagement and philanthropic activities.

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OVER $1,200,000

donated by the Hubbell Foundation to charitable organizations in 2022.

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were supported through donation or volunteerism in 2022.

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The Employee Experience

The key to our success is our approximately 16,323* employees who serve our customers and support the daily operations of our business.

At Hubbell, we foster an employee experience that is centered around four focus areas:


Seek out talent everywhere.


Create and maintain ways for employees to connect and collaborate with each other.


Be an employer of choice by focusing on the employee experience.


Provide opportunities at all levels for employees to grow their skills and careers.

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Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

We believe diverse perspectives are instrumental in driving innovation and delivering strong business growth. One of our key business strategies involves cultivating a more inclusive and diverse company.


Racially/Ethnically diverse employees (US)*


Globally female employees*


Board of Directors diversity (Female & race/ethnicity)*

*As of December 31, 2022.

As an extension of Hubbell's employee experience focus areas, we established four Inclusion Pillars to actualize inclusion, diversity, and equity throughout our company.

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Business Results

Engage & Retain

Increase understanding of leaders on benefits of diversity to business results.

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Inclusive Cultures

Engage & Advance

Expand capability of leaders to build inclusive environments for their teams.

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Inclusive Teams

Attract & Engage

Bring employee population of underrepresented groups to industry levels and above.

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Employee Experience

Engage & Advance

Pursue a high level of employee engagement across the enterprise.

Hubbell's Employee Inclusion Groups

Our Employee Inclusion Groups (EIGs) are a connection point for our colleagues who have similar life experiences to come together and share perspectives, engage in personal and professional development, participate in community service, and lead purpose-driven projects.

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Employee Health and Safety

Ensuring the health and safety of our employees enables our people to live to their fullest potential, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Our environmental, health, and safety (EHS) policies, protocols, and systems guide our expectations for safety procedures and programs across our sites. To that end, our EHS initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Performing job hazard analysis before the commencement of any job or activity.

Instituting EHS roles and responsibilities, organizing training and awareness-raising, and creating audit procedures.

Conducting regular site and occupational risk assessments to evaluate potential risk exposure to respiratory, hearing, and chemical hazards.

Implementing engineering and administrative controls to identify and mitigate potential hazards and establish emergency response.

Executing a job rotation schedule to prevent the incidence of ergonomic-related injuries.

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Supply Chain Responsibility

We are committed to responsible sourcing and managing ESG-related risks throughout our supply chain.

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Our Third-Party Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is the foundation of our responsible sourcing practices. Our suppliers are expected to follow the principles outlined in this code and to apply these or similar principles to the suppliers that they work with as they provide goods and services to Hubbell.

Our supply chain responsibility efforts are reinforced by a due diligence approach that is designed to drive accountability and results.



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Establish strong policies and management systems


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Screen suppliers and audit supply chain for risks


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Identify, assess, and measure risks in the supply chain


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Develop and implement strategies to respond to risks


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Track and report supply chain due- diligence activities


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Engage with suppliers to strengthen partnerships and results

Expectations for suppliers are continuously reinforced by Hubbell’s Third-Party Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Supplier Diversity

We value diversity and inclusion in all aspects of business. To drive our efforts in this area, we established a cross-functional Supplier Diversity Council to integrate supplier diversity into our strategic sourcing and procurement.

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We estimate our 2022 diverse supplier spend to be 8.5% of our total US procurement spend.*

*As of December 31, 2022. This estimation is subject to the self-identification indicators provided by our suppliers.